the three-headed dagger

and the king's son

It’s been five years since Cadence Mage’s death, when his mother placed him inside the three-headed dagger until she could figure out how to release him. While waiting for Cadence’s return his niece Little Jenny learns how to use her new powers, her lover Graves Hassin will teach her how to use the sword and gun, and Meadow the witch will help her unlock the powers of lightning given to her and show her how to use them. When Cadence is released from the hold of the dagger along with his brother and Tidus Brack he will discover he has a half sister

who is half angel and the better part demon. He will make unlikely friends that will help him fight the demons coming for him and meet his father, the king, for the first time. With his old and new friends Cadence must battle the most powerful evil he has ever faced and witness Little Jenny embrace her dark destiny. This fun and exciting dark fantasy will keep the pages turning until the end.

exciting, evil, fun


BOOK two


Paperback, ebook

Paperback, ebook


"the action and excitement that leaves off from book one, continues with book two".....
"What a wild ride".....
"Blood flowing from the dark corners keeps you guessing and wanting to turn to the next page".....
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                                BOOK REVIEW

Reviewed by Evelyn  for Good Reads

This book is absolutely incredible. I am a fan of Henry Regnault’s other work, so I was extremely excited about ‘The Three-Headed Dagger and the King's Son’.
As soon as I read the first pages I went in with high expectations and yet somehow it exceeded every one of them. I absolutely adored every moment of this science-fiction - it took me through such a range of emotions and utterly surprised me. It kept me guessing until the end, as I never truly knew exactly what was going to happen next, despite my constant guessing.
This book is beautiful, the characters are incredible and this is definitely one of the most compelling books I have ever read in a long time.
This is a very character driven book, and the little girl Jenny, as a protagonist is wonderful. This story is special, fully of mystery and really absorbing. I hope everyone who reads it loves it as much as I did.

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The Three-Headed Dagger and The King's Son

by Henry Regnault


Fiction - Fantasy - Urban

184 Pages

Reviewed on 01/12/2021

                                BOOK REVIEW

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

The Three-Headed Dagger and The King's Son: Book Two is a fast-paced dark fantasy novel by author Henry Regnault. Five years have passed since the death of Cadence Mage and his brother Christopher. In the meantime, Graves and Meadow have moved in with Jenny. They tutor her in the ways of the sword and gun and give her lessons in the art of channeling her inner magic. But Jenny's powers draw the attention of the fallen angel as her Uncle Cadence's enemies continue to hunt for him and steal her soul. With the help of Graves, Meadow, Silas, Tidus, and Isabella, a revived Cadence must now bring back Jenny's soul as well as deal with his estranged father, the Dark King, and his half-sister Damaris who is hell-bent on destroying him.

The Three-Headed Dagger and The King's Son: Book Two is an action-packed and darkly comic tale that is bound to enrapture fantasy readers. Henry Regnault's book breezes by with swashbuckling action and bouts of comedy spread throughout the narrative. I adored the quirky characters with their snappy dialogue and witty conversations. I found the dynamic between Cadence and his family highly entertaining and his love-hate relationship with his siblings to be moving and hilarious in equal measures. Being the second in the series takes nothing away from the story as the book also seems to work seamlessly as a standalone. I had an absolute blast reading this, and I would recommend it to fans of fantasy.